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  about Mountain Man Bees


I began keeping bees in 2003 by purchasing two packages of bees. My first year of bee keeping, one of my hives died and the other was too mean to check. I was ready to call it quits. If it wasn't for BJ Weeks (Week Works, Ball Ground, GA), I would've quit. But BJ was willing to mentor and teach me about bees, as he had done for many others. His passion for bees was contagious. My twin brother, Joshua, also encouraged me along the way. Joshua shares the same love for bees and started Southeast Bee Removal in 2013. Some of the simple joys of beekeeping are watching the bees explode in population in the spring, harvesting a bountiful honey crop, watching a new queen pack frames with eggs, seeing garden blooms full of bees, and standing in the middle of a swarm of thousands of bees taking flight. 

Mountain Man Bees was started in 2015 in Blue Ridge, Georgia. My goal is to sell you the best Nucs available in North Georgia.  I strive to keep bees as naturally and organically as possible. This means several things. I don't use plastic, glue, or pressure treated material in my hives. I do currently have some plastic on my frames. However, after this year I should be completely switched over to all wax frames. When feeding my bees is necessary, I don't use corn syrup or gmo beet sugar.  I also use natural treatments like oxalic acid and essential oils which are gentle on the bees, comb, and honey. In addition, I manufacture my own foundation from my chemical free bees wax for bees to build their cells on. I am also beginning to raise some of my own queen bees. I made the decision to proceed with my bee keeping in this way because I believe in a quality product.



 5 Frames nucs


Not all Nucs are created equal

$185 Nuc includes the following:

Five (standard langstroth deep) frames of bees

  • 3-4 brood frames of varying stages

  • 1 frame of food

  • Medium frames available on request

Fully drawn comb on frames

No old comb, 1-3 years old on average

no frame exchange, you keep the frames 

Frames are currently a mix of plastic foundation and wax

Switching to Organic methods

  • No glue, plastic, pressure treated materials used

  • No corn syrup or gmo sugar is used

  • Organic treatments like oxalic acid and essential oils

I treat for mites twice a year, August and December

Inspected by Agricultural Dept. 

Licensed to sell bees out of state

14 years beekeeping experience

conveniently located in north Georgia

Queens are Italian mutts

Ordering Nucs

$60 to reserve a Nuc

send check or money order

Must read my info page!


Pick-up Dates

pick up only

starting Mid April (depending on the weather) 

Early dates fill up quickly, order early to avoid complications

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